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Escape Ape 1.1.2 2.2+
Overview: Wild jump action escapescary gorilla, Escape Ape !!
fall, die. Wanna live?n, jump!!


Jewelry Hunter - Wukong,der find legendary mystical gem, everything unknown scrub rainforest adventure!
And when he got jewel that moment, thought seathuge statue King Kong actually resurrected .. live up .. up!
Donkey Kong escape ferocious hunt, nowlye way out! Is unlimited jump up!
saying reallyo right!!wnwards! monkey uphill jump!
operation method ~ Justsimple finger slide screen ~
attention monkey falling position, fingersprogram,trampoline, Goku fell trampoline, always jump up~.
Oh, that damn tree branches, poison bananasen hampered Wukong, must cful, come!
game features!
*** fater hands! ***
pedal position traditional fixed jumping game completely different gaming experience, charm Goku bouncing jump!
inr favorite position, angle size draw liketrampoline Goku findway out now!
*** *** consecutive jumps
in correct position draw trampoline, trigger super ~ consecutive jumps!
*** *** jumping bananas
collecting bananas along road, filled juice cup,pinch, use banana jumpstantly fled high places.
Upgrade *** *** gem collection
collect gems completevariety upgrades, challengehigher altitude ~
*** ranking Challenge ***
Friends Score Rank function! project completing various challenges get rich Reward ~

Desperately want survive we must jump up! Fall,n King how, I know! KKKK ~ ~ ~
previous trampoline seemso weak! Specifically replacing latest trampoline -
trampoline escapemore powerful King, jumping higher now!
Please leave usr valuable suggestions now!
leavecomment we recognizede oh. ^ - ^

Cool Ann Reviews · · ·
Escape Ape Monkey Leap jumped com2us's latest work, game madepointnovation, that, players need help Goku crossed rubber band children, althoughcreased difficulty, gameplayteresting, also say, quiteteresting.
Change log · · ·
2012-10-01dex Version: 1.0.0
2012-11-15 Updated Version: 1.1.0
2013-10-18 Updated Version: 1.1.2

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