Around Sound Pro v2.61

Aroundund Pro v2.61 2.2 up Aroundund Pro allows listen music, watch movies play gamesstilling awr surroundings.


Pro Street Mode:

+Walkwn streetly hearises above set trigger level. Neverterruptsr music.

FGames:n-pause should work well. Request support Aroundund's Pause Moder favorite game's developer.

Pause Mode:

+Uses r headset's microphone listen loudises pause r music movieone detected,n play backund that triggered pause continuesshort period time optionally resumesr music movie.

Non-Pause Mode:

+Usesr headset's microphone listen loudises dipsr music, movie game volumeone detected,n play back und that triggered pause continuesshort period time n returns regular volume.

Bluetooth Mic Option:

Currentlyly works mono headsetsme AD2P kind

As seen:


★ Editor's Choice★


Where would I use?

+Atfice: pauser music automatically whenmeone trying getr attention

+At home:n't missslams, children crying,rg barking, or warning signs

+At airport: Relax at gate haver music movie pause when gate announcements start

+Anywhere relatively quiet where want knowsomething happens around

Best use:

Soundolating earbud headphones mic

-se practically earplugsw,n't miss out what's around.

You use just headphonesbe aw microphone used w r phone. leavingr pocket wouldn't work well.

How use:

Make surer headset plugged.

 start app, push Start, seeise level around, set trigger level usingr finger swipe meter, hit home button accessr music app enjoy.

Permissions Needed:

Phone Calls: Read Phone status (shutsf audio processing during calls)

Hardw Controls: Audio Settings, Record Audio (to use microphone, audio ever stored)

Bluetooth: support Bluetooth microphone option

Broadcast Sticky: support Bluetooth microphone option


-Needs Froyo Above (Android version 2.2+)

-F Pause Music Mode:'treally loud environment orwise microphoneput maxed outre way detect louderund. Use Street Modestead


More Features!


I developSamsung Galaxy SIII using Samsung default music player pause worksout killingification bar control lockscreen control. Recommended.

Winamp: Make sure enable headset controls, WORKS

Samsung's FM Radio App currentlyesn't work (actually crashes app,rry)

DoubleTwist: Make sure enable headset controls, WORKS

Power Amp: Make sure enable headset controls, WORKS

Uber Music: Make sure enable headset controls, WORKS

MixZing: Make sure enable headset controls, WORKS

Rocket Player: Make sure enable headset controls, WORKS

Pandora: WORKS

Spotify: WORKS

Ors: Should workyou enable headset controls.. email menot.


MX Player

Samsung Video Player

Ors:it shows up Target Media Apps, should work


This my app please send me feedback good bad.mething wrong let me knowfore givinglow rating.

Thanks enjoy!

Action Bar pre-ICS created using Action Barrlock

DevelopedSamsung Galaxy SIII

What's version: (Updated : Oct 17, 2013)

Added Google Analytics, under hood tweaks






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