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Clash Clans 5.2.11 4.0.3+
Overview: Leadr clan victory! Clash Clansepic combat strategy game. Buildr village, trainr troops battle thousands or playersline!


Leadr tribe victory victory! Tribal conflicts (Clash Clans)landmark war strategy game. Come buildr village, trainr army millions players around worldger fight! (Thanksfriends dengxiangyu1986 discovery )
your desires, we met: majority players long-awaited strategy game giant tribal conflicts (Clash Clans)ficially enter kingdom Andrews,trusionr tablet phone. time releaser mind wild passion, quickly freewnload games, sharing tribal fun - absolutely free!
Pleasee! Tribal conflicts (Clash Clans) free,some may need spend money buy want use feature, please modifyr game settings disable-app purchase feature.
= Features =
- free charge
-r village built impregnable castle
- players world war, capturedmout Shang Rongguang trophy that symbolizes
-mation tribes friendsged unbreakable brorhood
- multiple upgrades 14 distinctive arms
-non, bow arrowwers, mortars, bombs, traps walls guardingr village
-epic battleshowdown Goblin King

Fixed errors delays!
New feature:you already have tribal conflicts (Clash Clans) account, use any continue game. Simply enter game settings, click "associationfacility",n followstructions.
have any questions, please feel free contact @

Cool Ann Reviews · · ·
Tribal conflicts Clash Clans evidentlylittle backing, businessme madegood reputation,recommend play.
Change log · · ·
2013-10-04 Updated Version: 5.2.4
2013-10-08 Updated Version: 5.2.7
2013-10-11 Updated Version: 5.2.9
2013-10-17 Updated Version: 5.2.10
2013-10-18 Updated Version: 5.2.11

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