Shake - the app that will make your life easier

Many us have experiencedtene following coming fast enough run camera app time take photos car.2. me reason suddenly dark lookingr flashlight.3. sitbus/train listening music like skipsong effort.4. enterdiscussiongot put silent mode.5. talking cell phone atbusy street try hear whatr friend phone says.refore, avoid situations future,new app developed called Shake. app allows us shake result run different actions - even when screen turnedf.As part wide range actionsfered application that take place during shaking, we find:• Running any application like Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp.• Turning flashlight /f.• Changing ringer mode - ring / vibrate / silent.• Turning screen /f.• Expanding status bar.• Turning 3G /f.• Turning Wifi /f.• Turning auto rotate /f.• Turning auto brightness /f.• Turning speaker /f.• Turning flight mode /f.• Control music player: skip track, start player.• Show recent used apps.• CallcontactIn application settings we find useful features - vibration feedback when shaking / senssensitivity control / setting different shaking methods: shaking horizontally vertically,. appwnloaded free via Google Play adjustedroid 2.3 above.Download:

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