Glovebox Premium - Launcher v3.1.3

Glovebox Premium - Launcher v3.1.3 1.6 up Glovebox bringsroidst way multi tasking.

Swipeout lifting finger selectapplication open.


- Apps/Shortcuts/Widgets side bar.

- Reorder apps.

- Personalize side bar & icons.

- Recent apps menu.

- Long press edge menu (quicklyggle bar side open configuration).

- Blacklist (choose what apps glovebox pause).

- Add Folders.

XDA Developers Thread:


-How enable Glovebox MIUIv5?

Go appfo enable 'Show popup windowification' setting.n restart app.

-Got old premium version (Ubuntu Phone Experience) ?

Sendemailn't have purchase again.

-I bought premium version,wking purchase again (using same account)

Try clear cache data Play Store,n start Play Store at leastce.

Android Settings>Apps>Play Store app>Clear Cache/Data.

If didn't work contact email.

-Whyes app need DIRECTLY CALL PHONE NUMBERS permission?

This permissionly necessary Direct Dial shortcuts that might added apps list.

-How i open recent apps menu?

Swipe outside bar,out lifting fingerf screen selecting recent apps. Waitsec open recent apps menu. close, swipe finger back bar.

-Am i unablestall or apps app running?

F security reasonsroid automatically blocksstallation or appsGlovebox running, preventstallationsoutr consent. have disable app re-enable again after stallation.

Reviews: ... om-ubuntu/ ... ce-how-to/


Icons used main screenshot?

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What's New

Version 3.1.3 - 09/09/2013

-Fix scroll smoothness;

-Fix recreating activity launching app bar;



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Downloadstructions: Premium features unlocked!


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