XPrivacy Pro v1.11.8

XPrivacy Pro v1.11.8

blackmartapk.blogspot.com:roid v4.0+, Xposed Framework

blackmartapk.blogspot.com: XPrivacy prevent applications (includingsociated background services content providers) leaking privacy sensitive data.

XPrivacy restrict categories dataapplication access.ne feedingapplication fake data.re several data categories which restricted, example contacts location. example,you restrict access contactsapplication, result sendingempty contact list application, when requests accessr contacts. Similarly, restrictingapplication's accessr location resultrandom set locationing sent application.

XPrivacyesn't revoke (i.e. block) permissionsapplication, which means that applications continue workfore won'tce close.re two exceptions, accessternet external storage (typicallySD ) restricted denying access (revoking permissions).re or way realize, sincese permissions handledroidspecial way.roid delegates handlingse permission underlying Linux network/file system.

If restrictingcategory dataapplication results problems application, possible allow access data category againlvesue.

By default,newlystalled applications have access any data category at all, preventnew application leaking sensitive data right afterstallation. Shortly afterstallingnew application, XPrivacyk which data categories want new application have access. XPrivacy comesapplication browser, which allows quickly enable disable applications' accessparticular data category (i.e. view controlaccess camera, example). also possible editdata categoriese application.

To help identify potential data leaks, XPrivacy monitattempts madeapplications access sensitive data. XPrivacy displayyellow triangle iconon datadata categoryen used. XPrivacy also displayan applicationternet access,dicating that application posesrisk sharing data obtainsexternal server. justguideline, sinceapplication could accessternet through or applicationso.an application requestedroid permissions access datadata category, displayedgreen tick icon,thisly shown when looking atindividual application, since checking permissionsapplications quite slow.

XPrivacy built using Xposed framework. XPrivacy tapstonumber selected functionsroid through Xposed framework. Depending function, XPrivacy conditionally skips executioniginal function (fexample whenapplication tries setproximity alert) alters resultiginal function (fexample return empty calendar data).

XPrivacyen tested CyanogenMod 10 10.1 (Android 4.1 4.2), likely work anyroid version 4.1 4.2 variant,cluding stock ROMs. Root access neededstall Xposed framework.causebug Xposed framework, XPrivacy currently needsfixed Xposed binary, which providedwnload bothroid version 4.1 4.2.

Recent changes:

Version 1.11.8TA

Fixed restricting locations acquired using Google Play services

Fixed maximum number count message submitcreased maximum ten

Fixed location listener casting (issue)

Fixed reading settingsme situations (issue)

Fixedce close updateification removed application (issue)

Added restriction Motorola's contact provider blur, thanks @liudongmiao

Updated minimum API version numbers, thanks @liudongmiao

Updated XML utils KitKat version

Restore application state colfrom imported settings (issue)

Added import application view (issue)

Enableroid usage data default

Added restriction getDefaultAdapter, thanks @liudongmiao

Disable XPrivacy view restrictions XPrivacy view actions

Improved debug logging (read settings, build application list)

Updated German translation

Updated Polish translation

Updated simplified Chinese translation

Updated Slovak translation

Note:premium features available. key needed. LuckyPatcher needed.

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