The Cave v1.1.3

Cave v1.1.3 2.3+ Descendto mysterious depths Cave adventure game Monkeyland creatRon Gilbertuble Fine Productions.

Assembleteam unlikely adventurers – eachir own unique personalities stories– descendto heartsprawling, sentient caveder find that which important eachm. Cave had millennia spruce up place prep dive deeplve puzzles hiddenin exotic locationscludingsubterranean amusement park, medieval castle, fully armed nuclear research facility. Cave waiting.

Seven Adventurers, Multiple Paths:

Chooseteam three out seven explorers descendto depths Cave. Hillbilly Time Traveler,7 characters haveir own unique personalities, special talents, mysterious motivations descendingto Cave.

Prolific Pedigree:

Experience detailed, stunning art style humthatlyuble Fine Ron Gilbert dream up.


Seamlessly switchtween characters workgerlve puzzles heldin Cave’s depths. Everylution leads closer discovering truthhind each character.


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