SD Maid Pro - System Cleaning Tool v3.0.2.0

SD Maid Pro - System Cleaningol v3.0.2.0 2.3.3+ SD maid help keepr neat, clean tidy :-)!

Thispowerfulol! Use at own risk!

Nobody perfectroid neir.

Apps have already deleted,metimes leave datahind.

system constantly creates logs, crash reports debugsn't really need.

market leaves temporaryswnloaded appshind.

Lets go here...

Why getmaid cleanup?

SD maid help keepr neat, clean tidy :-)!

Givetry, won't findmore thorough cleaning app!

Choosetab, press checkn eir clicksingleem delete press cleanbutton.'s just that easy.

re various features available:

* Explorerfull fledgedmanager, use crawl throughrroidss.

* use Searcheryou know what looking.

* CorpseFinder searchesr rmant directories+files comps those liststalled applications.

* AppControl lets freeze,reset remove applications (even system apps).

* SystemCleaner scansr filters which directories contain unnecessarys.even creater own filters!

* optimize shrink bloated databases speed up access free space.

* Viewr biggests find out what hogging space.

* Finds that haveen modified last X minutes.


10 features currently available free versionadditional 2 unlocked buyingstalling unlocker.

Unlocker also enable several convenience functions like picture previews.

SD Maid constantlying developed designed very cfully.

Due vast amountroid s might work perfectly everyones ,i'm working hard getre.

have questions concerns send memail ( I usually respond quite quick happily help out.

What's New

Majupdate, SD Maid v3

Smarter, faster, thorough, features &new UI

New permissions:


In very short: Crashreports, update checking, statistics,-app reporting


Required new scheduler feature

Custom filters EXCLUDES haveen RESET.

Restsured anysue fixedAP

Just give me chance.


Unlocked Pro features SD Maid!

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