Professor Baboo. v1.0.2 full retail (Premium Edition)


ProfessBaboo. v1.0.2 full retail (Premium Edition)

Tested Samsung Galaxye 3.


2.1 up


acclaimed adventure!cludesbonus 1000 gemsfull game guide that help discover secrets Pyramid.

In 1930, prestigious Prof. Baboo teaches Archeology at university. Although he actually pretty clueless, Baboo always wants impress favorite student,rothy, whom he feels "something special".rothynerdy student; even though very attractive, sharp determined. Both liveincredible adventureside Pyramid Khafre.

After getting lostuniversity trip,y end up dismal chamber pyramid. After desecrating,y fall under curse Anubis,ing hopelessly trapped.gery must findway break curse, face fearsome Mummy thathabits pyramid, well or dangers mysteries.

Prof. Baboo Chamber Chaosgame that blends action adventure spirit classics. Stepto characters’ shoes explore scenarios, delve secret passages, examine maps make use helpful objects make progress adventure. Unravel mysteries secret chambers,cluding Chamber Chaos, enigmatic all. Luckily,re clues hiddenes maps that eminent archeologist J.L. Burckhardt left scattered long aftervestigation pyramid’s secrets. adventure justgun,, end, amazingst kept archeological secret revealed.

Finish greatest adventurer life!

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Top rated adventure...

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