Omega Files Pro v1.2.0

Omegas Pro v1.2.0 4.0 up Omegas Pro Customizer !

In Omegas Pro find everything need build customizer rom way like

and greatols that usedandroid s

Omegas Repo Supported s:

Galaxy S4 - Galaxy S3 I9300 - Galaxye 3 N9005 - Galaxye 2 N7100 - Galaxy S2 I9100 - Galaxye 10.1

Do use Omegass repos or s!!!

**Get app user current version repo future repo updates,

some s may getten repo updates may never getupdate at all**


Install zips automatically using recovery

Reboot menu widgets

Flashlightol Widget

Batteryol Widget

Task Application Manager Widget

Downloads Manager

Tools usedandroid s

(more come at next updates)


OTA Live Updateifications

Direct linkswnload Omega Roms two super fast servers

Pause Resume optionwnloads Omega RomsOmegas

Resume samewnloadOmega Rom zip both servers.

Flash mods Omega Roms straight app, compatible recoveries.

Option flash zips any folder

More thane zip selected flashed atce automatically

Downloads Manager

Selectwnloads folder (sd extsd)

Update Omegas Pro repo server, manual automatic

Option at settings select s Omegas repo

Notification Dialog changelog when repo updates automatic

Omega browser, findOmega rom supportums easily.

Reboot menu recoverywnload Five Widgets

Flashlightol Widget

Batteryol Widget

Task Application Manager Widget

Manyside appmore come at next updates!

You needrooted usefiles.

Omegas Prok root permissions able flash mods recovery.

To usefeatures Omegas Pro needternet connection.

Always takenadroid backupforestallings Omegas Pro.

NOTICE:wnload links xda have login xdar username password select remember me optionyou want login every time.


-New Additions:

Check New Additions find latest updates.

-All Rooted Roms:

Alls section usedsupported rooted s

-All Omega Roms:

Alls section usedOmega roms series versions.

-Omega vx.x:

s section usedly Omegas latest versions.

s here may also compatible or roms based same firmw.

--Contents Omegas Repo:












Battery Mods

Call Recorder

Phone Mods



...more ...


Fsuggestions, bug reports visit Omegas Pro xda thread:

This link allowed : ★ 3.e {mochyn}

What's New


Added option Open Active apps well End open appfo Task Managerol

Option show hide confirmation dialog whenapp service Ended

Or minchanges

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