Milky Sky Dodol Theme v4.4

Milky Skydolme v4.4 2.2 higher

Smartphone "Transformation" Project -dol launcher

Ame that light warm air that ticklesr skin.

***How applyme***

-stalldol Launcher ( haven't yet).

- Press home button setdol Launcher default home launcher selecting [Use default value task] [Always].

- Open launcher menu swiping home screen upwards, select [me] menu,n select applymer choice.


- availablelyroid ver. 4.0.3 above (ICS, Jellybean)

-me functionsnot applied certain s.

***Whydol Launcher special***

- Cute, simple, vibrant,phisticated, cuddly warmmes continuously updated

- default widgetfers convenient functions,cluding quick switch memory cleaner

- Apps/widget used easilyck alert shortcut list

-fers functions that used decorate fonts/ringtones/keyboards

-fers detailed functions screen rotation/individual icons/folders...

- Supports functionsconvenient stable mannering home screen creating backups settings




✓ Pleasen't add mirrin my release, Thanks!

✓ Support developers!

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