Glowfish v1.0

Glowfish v1.0 2.3.3/ PowerVr GPU evil Dr. Urchin kidnapped Coralline!’s up Glowfish free lady friend sea pals everywhere clutches underwater platform adventure.

50 vibrant, colorful ocean landscapes await arcade-style underwater adventure game. Filled charming sea creatures, must navigater way through twists turns each maze levelfluid joystick control system.

Bew—while scour ocean floin search lost friends waiting rescue,host enemies lurking! Each level takes deeper unique ocean world new challenges enemies at every turn. Garr friends make Glowfish biggertter at challenging boss each level. Set captive friends free surrounding Glowfishpowerful ring friends, circle enemy firer blasting bubbles win each arcade battle.

Addr team collecting powerful Glow Chums help along way, upgradem collecting coins give evenedge each boss battle! Dive prepd dazzled Glowfish.


"Glowfish aquatic exploration nirvana.'s got absolutely everything going. plays likedream, looksunds likedream, fillsreal sense's or word whole package or than 'magical.' Glowfishmust have." -

" game's gorgeous, even MumboJumbo standards, whole experience just pleasant. Checke out." -

"'ve played enjoyed games like Osmos,n'll love what GlowFishfer." -

"und perfect gameplayunds greatout headphones. music moody atmosphericouting overwhelming overbearing. Did I mention that game gorgeous?" -

"With over 50 levels,'ll constantly surprised pleased everything that Glowfish throws at." -

Product Features

- 50 A-Maze-ing platform adventure levels

- Unlock8 Glow Chums

- Collect coins upgrader Glow Chums

-minate each Boss Battle

- Get 4 Stars each level

- 25 Achievements

- Hours family-friendly entertainment



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