Bridge Constructor Playground v1.4

Bridge ConstructPlayground v1.4 2.2 up Bridge ConstructPlaygroundfers peopleagesintroductionpic “bridge building”!

This game gives freedom letr creative side run riot –hing impossible. Across 30novative levels have build bridges over deep valleys,als rivers. Followingr bridges subjectedstress test see whery support weight cars/trucks which drive acrossm.

In comparison #1 hit Bridge Constructor, Bridge ConstructPlaygroundferseven easier entry gamecl.extensive tutorial,free-build mode each levelfering five challenges masterstead just two. Tackle each levelout constraints freely buildr bridges move next want enter nextland however have wincertain number badges that earned levels. badgeslong different categories thatfer different challenges: safety badges demand staylowcertain maximum stress amount, whereas material badges require usely certain all, gamefers 160 challenges master (on fourlands)!of pairedbright friendly look combinestoexciting, challenging also educational experience whole family,fering hours gaming fun.

What's version: (Updated : Jan 6, 2014)

fixedsues Samsung Pen

fixed:land 4 Level 3 crash

fixed freeze when closing (Google Nexus 4)

improved controls when building

improved loading times

improved battery lifetime

improved performance when building large bridges

fixed missing textsme s

fixed problem shadersme s

music/off saved correctly


Downloadstructions: rel. : chathu_ac

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