SightSpace 3D v2.0.2

SightSpace 3D v2.0.2 2.2 up, accurate, impactfulol communicate Trimble SketchUp designs visualize any space!

SightSpace 3Dfast easy visualizationol Trimble SketchUp that easily conveysr designs reduces miscommunication. advanced 3D Augmented Reality technologies, pre-visualize buildings, materials, fixtures, effectively communicate scale context. Check errors during construction close deals faster Augmented Reality display digital models real world. Utilize bookmarks, annotations, photos,cial media simplify presentations.SightSpace Pro subscription plan expands functionalitycomplete SketchUp-to-Field experience addition external GPS markers Augmented Reality, photo markups, model dimensions,.

Take Trimble SketchUp models--goly mobile app ready easy SketchUp-to-Field usage!


*Open SketchUps directlyr , Dropbox, email, Trimble 3D Whouse –cludes native SketchUps (.SKP), Google Earth or .KMZ .KMLmats

*SightSpacely mobile app that uses native SketchUp (.SKP)s preserve model privacy – uploading/downloadingwebsite extraftw required.


*Usetuitive multi-touch controlscludingbit, pan, zoom navigater model

*Communicate context, scale, locationformation advanced Augmented Reality


*Sh annotations, photos, screenshots, colleagues via emailcial networking

A SightSpace Pro subscription enables featurescluding:

*Connect external GPS precise Augmented Reality location

*Create use markers Augmented Reality presentations

*Play bookmarks animations

*Markup photos drawings text

*Exportnotes PDF

*Display model dimensions created SketchUp


have any feedback questions, let us know! Wefer free support email at,in-app knowledge base (under “I” upper right), check outYoutube videos

*E: Augmented Reality requires back facing camera, gps, digital compass, accelerometer. sgyroscope have improved AR.

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