Port Scan Pro - Ultra-Fast TCP Port Scan [1.10]

Port Scan Pro - Ultra-Fast TCP Port Scan [1.10]

Port Scan Pro - Ultra-Fast TCP Port Scan


Cate: Utilities

Price: £1.49

Size: 1.8 MB


Port Scan Pro - Full feature TCP Port Scanner

Port Scanningessential network utility every professionalst scanner availabler iOS . utility application lets check what services listeningnetwork useful making sure service ports open that shouldn't. Use securityolconveinant portable app check open portshindr corporate firewall via connection through WiFi networkternet through cellular network. appmust have every network/system administratbut simple enoughn-professional use understand.


* Ultra-Fast multi-threaded TCP port scanner cellular WiFi networks.

* Quick scan popular ports,esscaninfew seconds.

* Send scan results via email save record open port status.

* Display common protocol used each open port allow connectionport protocol known.

* Scan using Hostname/URL IP addresstory last 50 hosts scanned.

* Port scan parameters fully adjustable handle different network environments.




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