Living Earth - Clock & Weather [3.0.1]۩ Droid

Living Earth - Clock & Weather [3.0.1]

Living Earth - Clock & Weather


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** New Android Free Apk Files Living Earth - Clock & Weather [3.0.1]۩ Droid 3.0! Limited Time Launch Sale! **

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Enjoy a stunning live 3D simulation planet weather, forecasts clock around . View live global cloud patterns, hurricanes storms. Explore amazing weather dynamics planet-time 3D weather maps tracking. Living Earth best beautiful World Clock, Weather available iPhone !

"Living Earth world clock app beautiful" - Apple

"In a sea complicated apps, Living Earth simple." - New York Times 'Best Apps '

"A stunning app time, based weather reports. " - WIRED Insider 'Must'


One purchase devices - iPhone, iPad Touch


● Live clouds from near real-time satellite cloud data - updated every 3 hours. View global cloud patterns, hurricanes storms around .

● Live 3d weather maps , humidity, wind . Explore our planet new detail!

● World clock, weather forecast around day -hour forecasts.

● Tropical cyclone notifications. Receive push notifications tropical cyclones storm systems.

● Home Screen temperature icon. -time temperature location displayed Home Screen icon.

● Observe sunrise borders around live. Watch shadow line progress across through .

● Sunrise times city.

● Rayleigh atmospheric scattering calculations atmospheric simulation.

● Observe seasons throughout . View snow coverage seasonal changes globe.

● High resolution live 3D simulation. Optimized iPhone Retina display new iPad.

● Alarm Clock playlist. Wake a stunning view planet favorite music!

● iCloud city syncing Earth App.

Quality detailed weather information Underground reliable, accurate weather information available!




What's New


• Fixes a few Android Free Apk Files Living Earth - Clock & Weather [3.0.1]۩ Droid from 3.0 release described below.

Living Earth 3.0 Android Free Apk Files Living Earth - Clock & Weather [3.0.1]۩ Droid a beautiful new icon design!

• Support weather conditions. Swipe top conditions bar forecast view Dew Point, Visibility, Barometric pressure & UV Index.

• Feels Like temp displayed forecast view.

• Parallax effects touch (iOS7 only).

• Background fetch, updates multitasking thumbnail date Earth rendering (iOS7 only).

• Ability alarms alarm list view.

• Speed improvements throughout.

• Numerous bug fixes (but 't bore all those details).

• Numerous small tweaks probably won't notice but a lot on.

• Living Earth fully localized, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean .

case new Android Free Apk Files Living Earth - Clock & Weather [3.0.1]۩ Droid from our last update:

• Tropical Cyclone Notifications: Receive notifications tropical cyclones storm systems. Always be date storm systems developing around .

• Temperature Badge: location be shown app icon Home Screen. 't need temperature reading before heading outside, you'll be able from icon!

Once again, thanks support! Feedback welcome at rate us App Store :)





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