Game Releases • Toca Builders v1.0.4

Toca Builders v1.0.4 4.0.3 up
Overview:you imagine build six Toca Builders!


Joinr new Toca Builders friendsisland far away createwhole new world blocks. Jump, walk, roll rotate builders useir unique skills,y help build whatever imagine!

Toca Builderskids app that makes fun drop, spray, smash lift blocks construct new objects - mayhouse, lamp maybebanana?
Let's get started puttingwnme blocks.


Blox: Great at dropping smashing blocks
Cooper: A fantastic painter
Vex: Amazing at putting blocks stacks
Stretch: Specialized at placing blocks anywhere
Connie: Enjoys lifting moving blocks
Jum-Jum: Loves spray paint

The builders guarantee that’re havinggood time when creater world! Toca Buildersnew way creating crafting things blocks, that encourages both creativity curiosity. With simpleuch gestures unique controls builders come alive help createworldly dream up!

To saver world, just tap Back-button go back main menu everything've made saved. snapshot feature makes easy takephotor construction sh world!

Key Toca Boca App Features

• 6 super builders
• Build whatever want - drop, spray, lift smash!
• Coleachdividual blocks want
• Unique controls builders - spin, roll, aim move
• Autosave guaranteesr progresses saved
• Use snapshot feature takephotor creation
• Easy-to-use app kidskid-friendlyterface
•credible creative possibilities
• Beautifuliginal graphics
• rules, stress time limits – play any way want
• third-party advertising
•-app purchases

About Toca Boca Kids Apps
Toca Bocagame studio that makes digitalys kids educational apps kids. We think playing having funst way learn about world.refore we make digitalys games that help stimulate imagination, that playgerr kids. Best- wesafe wayout third-party advertising-app purchases.

Privacy Policy
Privacyissue that we take very seriously. To learn about how we workse matters, please readprivacy policy:

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