Game Releases • Mystery Castle HD - Episode 1 v1.0.0

Mystery Castle HD - Episode 1 v1.0.0 2.3.3+
Overview: Fortress Underground.The award-winning Mystery Castle series arrived Android s!

Join Monty wizard adventure, he exploresfortress deepsidemountain, that under siegee evil Monster Barons.

Monty have outwit Fire Golems, watch step burning lava, discover magical passageways push bombs clear obstacles, he makes way deepertotress showdown mysterious Monster Baronvading castle. And cful fallto bottomless abyss!

Canlve puzzles, defeat boss master Castle Mystery?

Mystery Castle: Fortress Underground suitable playersages sharp wits that enjoy brainteasers, puzzles adventure.

• 36 stages puzzles exploration.
• Graduallytroduces players gameplaypects.
• Hint system help players progress furr.
• High Definition graphics
• 4 bonus stages Episode 2 - Frozen Citadel

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