Clone Yourself - Camera v1.2.7

Clonerself - Camera v1.2.7 2.3.3 up Have everen bored thatrelye? Clonerself makes easy fun multiplyrself photographs, sh friends havelaugh.

Simply, app take images different positions combinemtoe, crazy photograph. Clonerself makes hours editing workto minutes fun - neveren easy clonerself!

To get started, easily take multiple imagesrself -n, highlightrself eache. Clonerself works magic combine multiple peopletosingle image - suddenlyre clones! Haver own twin, triplet quadruplet haveofr friendsking ‘clone me!’. fun, crazy hilarious! Make funny poses interactr clones.

Clonerselfly cloningol available Google Play store - get whilst’s hot! Selectvariety great photo filters save photo sh Facebook, Twitterstagram! Clonerselfst way getclone photoin minutes -out spending hours image editing.tuitive application provide hours endless fun definitelyconversation starter!

Multiplyrself - Clonerself!

- Clonerself images easily fast: cloning neveren fun!

- exclusiveroid!

-work art minimal effort!

- Add vibrant photo filters any ‘cloned’ image!

- Shr favoritecial networks

What's New

Clone up 4 images.

Front camera support.

Torch flash mode.

Full resolution camera support.

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