Bear Dress up v 1.1

Bear Dress up v 1.1 2.2+ Dress upcute game kids, especiallygame girls!



This pretty pet salon gameddlers features four cute teddyars those panda, polarar, grizzly brownar.

r room crowdedse cute animals,nn't wait any longer putmr phone well. Wher boygirl,'ll definitely like free game.real machine creating different fashion outfit combinations that's how kids spendday long trying find perfect clos teddyars.reextraoption kids here - takepictureir favorite teddyar creation shir friends.

Dress up games greatols improving imagination kids.rmal that kind gameslongscategory games girls,boys also eager playse pet gameswadays. Anor advantage pretty salon game thaty keep kids occupiedday long, which furr implies free time exhausted pnts.


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