Speed Racing v1.0


Speed Racing Ultimate


"Speed Racing Ultimate"ly game thatferscredible speed steering sensations!

Pilot 8 different Prestigious cars less than 10 tracks around world!

Challengest drivers try wincreaser money!

A "Shop" available main menu.

have enough money, could get powerful Car!

Fastenr seatbelt take controlr eXtremely Powerful Car!

You have mastered acceleration, braking steering!

Don'tget that Driftr friend!

Attention! speedr ally,lyyou master!

tracks technical requireoptimal concentration!

I suggest startitiation track learn controlr Powerful Car.

It's available main menu clicking "Help" button.

After that, try get Gold Cup ULTIMATE track!

You select level difficulty:ginner, Expert Pilot.

Your choice very important:

choose "Pilot",races difficultyou win money!

r p 3, winspecial Bonus!

You also choose "Fight" Level Tryst!

In level,re Limit.

Onlye rule: MUST REMAINE!

ready challengest drivers Real Racing Game?

time each race recorded.

Shr scoreline try stay world ranking!

So compete players around World!

You see rankings at any time clicking logo "World High Scores".

Incredible speed steering sensations await!

Have Fun!

••• Game Features •••

• Optimized iPhone5

• Drive 8 different Prestigious cars!

•tal Controlr Racing Car

• Full 3D Real Time rendering

• 10 different tracks

•credible arcade physics

• Spectacular SFX

• Save much money Power go up

• Customizer Racing Car

• Training mode

• Realisticund environment

• Music "REVENGE"

• Boost Bonus

• Select difficulty level

• Select accelerometer sensibility

• Select Camera:side Outside

• Uploadr Score enter World Ranking

Version: 1.0 app designed both iPhone iPad

Category: Games

Released: Oct 20, 2013

Version: 1.0

Size: 42.6 MB

Language: English

Seller: Dream-Up

© 2013 Dream-Up

blackmartapk.blogspot.com: Requires iOS 4.3 later. Compatible iPhone, iPad, iPoduch. app optimized iPhone 5.











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