RTCW Touch v1.1.1

RTCWuch v1.1.1

blackmartapk.blogspot.com: 3.1+

blackmartapk.blogspot.com: 'Return Castle Wolfenstein''registered trademark Activision idftw.trademarks used under terms Fair Use. Screen shots demonstration purposesly.

NO RISK PURCHASE -my apps, full money-back guarantee at ANY time.

Adapted Pandora port ptitSeb.

port Single player game Return Castle Wolfenstein (Multiplayer yet supported).

I never played when came out 2002,I haveen playing past few weeksdeveloping port,awesome game! Check outline reviews!

I have spentlot time gettinguch screen controls perfect possible,me updates:

*Menu systememswuchable - need dragon screen mouse .

*Autoft keyboard when entering text, also moves textbox obscured keyboard.

*Addednew real autoaim feature bullet weapons

*Sniper mode - holdwn reload button reduce look sensitivity, also good binoculars.

*Pullwn console game

*3 ways change weapon - Next/Prev button, Weapon Wheel, Number buttons

*Gameventory fully accessible.

It featuresst highly customisable controls available any FPS.

Fully customizeuch screen controls:

*Movegame buttons

*Analog move strafe

*Resizegame buttons

*Change sensitivityanalogputs

*Mouse mode Joystick mode turn

*Invert look up/down

*Optionaluble tap Jump/Shoot

*Change controls transpncy

*Map volume buttons any game action

Gamepad support - customizeinputs buttons,vert change sensitivity.

Confirmed work (so far):

* XBOX 360 wired controller

* Moga Pro

* Moga Pocket

* Snakebyte

* Nyko Playpad

*ny PS3 controller Sixaxis app.

It should work controllers, let me knowit worksrs!


To change gamepad axis sensitivity, long press axis Gamepad tab.

Please contact supportyou experiencing ANY difficulties. Thank.

Pleasee: game requiresreasonably powerful ,you findes run well enoughr let me know Isuefull refund.

To map volume keys use GAMEPAD tab.


*To enable cheats enterto Args: +set sv_cheats 1

*Holdwn Reload button sniper mode

*Go Options->Viewcrease Crosshair size Alpha

*Enable Dynamic Lights fast s


*Added kick button

*Hide red hit box

*Download updateneeded (sp_pak4.pak)


v1.0itial Release.












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