Pirates - The Board game. v1.1.1 full retail


Pirates - Board game. v1.1.1 full retail

Tested LG Optimus 4X HD.


2.2 up

What's new version:


Fixed minbug causing lag when game leader changed


Fixed serious bug which caused crashme s

Reduced memory usage game size

Addednotification current game leader

Bettertegration Powered Board Games application

Performance improvements

Fixed bugs regarding multiuch handling


Pirates game 3-4 players aged 8-108 years.

Your aim buildpirate fleet collect coins delivers. player who builds strongest fleet collects coins, wins game!

Every turn players participate bidding, which helpsm expandir fleet. Afterwards fleet goingraid gold. player’s fleet big enough, he/she acquireringleader, which helps fleet gain coins or players.

Gameferslot special s, which support player’s efforts. example, summon mighty Kraken sink or player's ship.

Pirates tired after raid gold find rest barge, where's owner accommodatem proper fee.

Pirates live life full dangers,becoming terrand legend seasir ultimate goal!


single-player mode (with 2 3 computer opponents)

multi-player mode (playgerr friends gared around tablet)

full support DICE+ game controller, enabling roll real diceplaying, full randomness provides!

animatedautiful gameboard

excellent graphics special effects

45 ship s

15 special s

5 ringleaders

many hours play, multiple choices paths win!

Support app2sd.

Mirror:wnload zip,stall apk game, game data folder: /sd/Android/obb folder paste game data folderin obb folder.


Absolutely fantastic strategic war game...

Please Read:cause google play licence check game requiresrooted lucky patcher play game requires crackedskilled cracker.

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P.S.ipmart members,me pop upsum have viruses. cful... Make surer protected secure.

Ipmart should disablethose pop ups...

Thank reading...

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