Notes on Life Pro v7.0.4

Notes Life Pro v7.0.4 2.3.3 up Collecting precious moments life

Finally veryst life journaling approid s

Notes Life

Collecting precious moments life

We via Facebook expressfeelings; Using Twitter keep communicates peoples emotionally. what we use collect precious momentslife?e Life collect transform r precious moments lifetotempting lifees.

- How record illustrateexciting journey?

- How save daily choresspirations and effectively?

- Howganize memorable momentspartyuching words friend?

- How conveniently createweekend shopping list at any time?

- How createinteresting growing journalr baby?

- How useodle expressr ideas feelings fun?

veryst life journaling app transformr lifeteresting journal!

Four main Functions

1. Photoe

Using templates automatically nestingr photosly takes 5 seconds producebeautiful photo album/Photo than 30 photo filters Photoe choose also decorateterestingnaments writing memorable words .

2. Sketche

To sketchpiece paper, photograph template,re pens, pencils colpens choose tuitive way expressr ideas emotionses Life.

3. Liste

You write, scribble savefo lists take home improvement store, thrift store, craft store, market.

4. Rich Mediaes

A Rich mediaestter thanpapere book, since` simplicities than 50 shapes & symbols rich mediaes.sert photo, decorating compositer es expected.

Everything simple write scribblepiece paper. rich mediaes, surprise seer writing scribbling prettier than piece paper.

Five main features

1.autiful templates ready use

re album templates, diary templates, nine lattice diary, sketch templates, shopping template,-Do-list template, Calendar template ready use.

2. Magic pen optimizesr writing

like journal, especiallyr own handwritingn `t go wrongvention Magic Pen technology company optimizer writing scribbling impressively. Magic Pen ly allows write faster,also write autiful than ever.

3. Powerful easy-to-use sketch function

Inherited extended Samsung S Pen`s sketch ability,es Life ly provides variety type pen, different colors,kinds thickness pen,alsocreases fun sketching paper photo.

4.elet:ventiones Life

Notelet allows set date stylebeautify calendars fingertip screen.

5. Freedom composition rich media

If want creater own style templates, have take advantage freedom composition rich media. Use different combinations text, handwriting, pictures, sketch, decoration shape customizer template.

love Handye, likees Life

Notes Lifesister version Handye; whichen didates FREE DAY campaign Amazon App store. comp Handye, which work-oriented,es Life focus leisure life.

To fulfill leisure needs,es Life herited functionality Handye adding photo processing, sketch or fun featuresto.

What's version: (Updated : Oct 17, 2013)

bug fix






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