My Data Manager 2.4.6

My Data Manager 2.4.6 2.2 up

Take controlr mobile data save moneyr mobile phone bill!

“My Data Managerincredibly convenientol” – CNET

“My Data Manager ...stroid app monitoring taking control amount datarroid using” –stroid Apps Review

“Monitoringr data usecomeessential task ... which why apps like My Data Manager coming important.” ZDNet

My Data Managerpopular data usage monitto help keep trackr mobile data usage.’ssimple data counter that helps monit data that use keep trackr data countdaily basis. helps understand what apps used data always telltal amount data usedr current mobile data plan period.

Do wonder which apps consumingyour data? wonder how much data’ve used monthyou going go overr limit? Try My Data Manager take controlr data start saving mobile data !

• Trackr data usage avoid additional chargesr bill

• Understand what apps using data data monitoringr app data usage.

• Set usage alarms avoid overage charges “bill shock”.

• Tracktorical app time app usage using easy understand visualizations.

• Ensure usingr ideal data plan maximize how user data.

• Simple setup simple use.

• Save money usingr plans effectively.

Downloadw try out –’sgreat way save moneyr mobile bill!

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-r personalformation: Contacts accessed;ly app launch times.

Note: SD storage supported.placed SD monitoring service disruptedme cases.


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