Light Drops Pro Live Wallpaper v1.0

Light Drops Pro Live Wallpaper v1.0 2.2 up customizable live wallpaper that displays moving points light.

Besides 18 stunning presetscluded, fully customize wallpaper r taste creatingr own six different movementmes four shape sets choose. Selectbackground coland up four colors light particles. Change size, amount, speed opacity particles. also letm flicker literally millions possibilities!

Light Drops Pro lets easily import exportr presets. Just send preset code anyone'd like sh! also take screenshotr wallpaper.

All graphics created using real vintage lenses, resultingbeautifulganic out-of-focus lightts also called "bokeh" each lens's own characteristics.mething that achievable computer generated graphics.

To start using Light Drops, go Settings -> Display -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers select "Light Drops" list.

Permission write SD ly used saving screenshots.


+ six movementmes (Chaos, Rain, Space, Passenger, Fireworks, Vortex)

+ four shape sets (Orestes, Luna, Xenon,x)

+ 18autiful presets

+ full customizationsettings (colors, opacity, speed, amount, size)

+ let particles flicker rotate

+ preset managementcluding import/export via preset code

+ screenshot capability

+ random settings generat('re feeling lucky)






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