iPhone 5s IOS7 GSLTHEME SL v1.1

iPhone 5s IOS7 GSLME SL v1.1

blackmartapk.blogspot.com:roid 2.0 up

blackmartapk.blogspot.com: iPhone 5s IOS7me app Smart Launcher which makerroid phone look unique pretty cool,set 136 custom icons 5 HD wallpapers cluded, enjoy:))

Thismespired newly released apple iPhone 5S( IOS 7 ) UI Design.

Ifmeesn't seem working, cause're runningroid v4.1 higher.

Don't click refund that easily,stead followstallationstructions jellybean users (seelow)!


1. app workly SmartLauncher,wnload SmartLauncher here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...mon.flowerfree

2. Applyme: preferences—> Personalization—>Globalme—>Chooseme.

3.re two way change icons, seelow:

1)On home screen: Long press icon want edit → Dragr icon icon "paint roller(usually at bottom left corner screen)" → iconPacks → Select desiredme → Select desired icon.

2)Edit icons app drawer: Long press icon want edit → menu → Edit icon → iconPacks → Select desiredme → Select desired icon.

4.rightlongs by.diana.dev@gmail.com

== Jellyan fix ==

-Installupdate afterstallation eir tapping open button google play store running app directly app drawer.

-me applied properly after update successfullystalled.

-se updates ly neededroid 4.1+,you runningroid 2.2 - 4.04, extra updates required.

=== Updates===

me updated according new features available Smart Launcher. I keep improvingme update app. Updates always free!

have any problemsstallation, please send email by.diana.dev@gmail.com.

Review Appreciated!








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