Game Releases • Ticket to Ride v1.6.0-415-074d559d

Ticket Ride v1.6.0-415-074d559d 4.0.3 up
Overview: Ticket Ride® Androidcross-country train adventure playableline, which collect play train cards claim railway routes connecting cities listed Destination Tickets receive at start each game. longerr routes, points'll earn. But cful findrself blockedfr opponents, each Destination ticket fulfilled cost dearly! With over 35 million games played;new game starting every 13 seconds, 24 hoursday, 365 daysyear;active community over 100,000 players Sydney Berlin, Paris Seoul, Los Angeles New Delhi, Ticket Ride Android fast friendly way enjoy classic, award-winning board game.'s just exciting -'s addictive!
Ticket Ride Android run tabletsminimum screen size 1024×600 (1280×800 higher recommended), using Android version 4.0.3 higher 1GB RAM.


Morefo: What's New
- Additiontrue Pass n’ Play mode that lets playgame friends same !
- Improved memory consumption resource loading, making game runtter/smoor
- Automatic displayr Opponents’ last action
- More detailed explanations when user attemptsforbidden action
- Bug fix: French German explanations Stations rules
- Bug fix: when trying unlockDLC already owned
- Bug fix: View layout when keyboard dismissed



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