Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic

Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic v2.1+ Boat Browserroid browser which supports voice commands. “Google Voice Search” app needed make feature work.

Boat Browser - Browse World easilytelligently!

Boat Browserfast, smartMobile Browser; that bringsamazing Premium web experience. fully customizable, easily change button's locations choosestallr favorite add-ons maker browser even powerful!

What’s special?

1. Customizable,

We have optimized default features listed (Side)olbar. customize features like: re-arrange, add remove buttons, just dragging corresponding icon.

In additionolbar customization, also personalize background coland action Volume Keys. set Volume Key's action switch tabs, scroll up/down page zoomto page.

2. Personalizedmes

Bored defaultme?'t satisfied just changingme’s color? Problem! Boat Browser’s got covered!

Boat Browser’s team supplymes styles, maker browser completely personalized!

3. Add-ons

An Add-on unlimited expansionr browser. Customizer browserstalling Boat Add-on’s that enhancer browsing features easily found Sideolbar, afterstallation.

*We continue developvariety popular fashionable add-ons. Keepr browser up date!

4. Powerful Bookmarks Management

Bookmarks Manager supports new folder, drag drop, batch delete, import, export Sync stock browser bookmarks! (Sync bookmarks chrome browser supportedon).

5. Sideolbar – New UI design

New Sideolbarentegrated version 3.4. means reacholbar swiping right side screen.,youn’t like, just change settings setting menu. We hope bringnew quicker, smarter browsing experiencew!

6. Speed dial

Addr favorite websitesto speed dial menu keepm handy :)

Boat Browser also suppliesme very advanced features like,

- Video &, Flash Video &Tube Video Support…

- Voice Command Voice Search…

- Support App SD function…

- Support Cache SD function…

- Easywnloading

- User Agent Switching that allows view websites/web pages,formats!

- Multi-touch Pinch Zoom support

- Super easy/paste

Boat Browser suppliesuseful features, which maker browsing experience fun efficient! Come trymW! add-ons easily found searching key worldslow, Google Play:

1. Boat FB Add-on

2. Boat Password Manager Add-on

3. Boat URL Shortener Add-on

4. Boat Web2PDF Add-on

5. Boat Tabtory Add-on

6. Boat Show IP Add-on

Ads bookmark screen, buylicense key remove ads.

ThisBrowser!you have any problems, please let us know. We committed providingst Browser available!

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Recent changes:

Version 6.3 update:

1.roid 4.0+, add support auto fillms.

2.roid 4.1+, add support preload web pages. (HTML5 feature)

3.roid 4.0+, add supportvert web page rendering. (4.0+)

Findnew features Settings-Web content settings.

4. Paid users still havepremium features ads. free user, show adsmetimes when exit browser.

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