Android Tools Pro v1.0

Androidols Pro v1.0 2.2 up roidols – smart collection usefulols'll ever needr phone. 7 amazingols crammedto 1 must have app.

Android ols – smart collection usefulols'll ever need r phone.7 amazingols crammedto 1 must have app.


Flashlight -

Incredibly easy use emergencies, Flashlight app turns bothr phone's LED light plus screen light, have maximum illumination power cuts, dark streets just lookingmething back cupboard!

Compass -

Easy use, fuss Compass. gimmicky 3D, justgreat looking compass that works. Featuring digital display accurate direction readings.

Bubble Level -

st looking Bubble Level available, auntic looking spirit level. Auto-orientation ensures matter what angle haver phone level up. Super smooth accurate bubble movement makespleasure use.

Percent Calculat-

Struggle working out percentages? Whoesn't!?

From basic percentages figuring out how much 25%f that great skirt sales, we've got covered!re's eventip calculator, re's arguing about how going split bill!

Timer -

Simple yet efficient, reliable timer.

Quick easy use dials let set timer duration want super fast.

Setvoice vibration prompt (fexample every minute) easily keep track how long left.

Stopwatch -

Own cleanest looking, easiest use stopwatch available.

No fancylls n' whistles, justgreat stopwatch that works!

rmometer -

This amazing unique 'Twinrmometer' allows comp temperature outside, temperaturer phone!

Featurese,TWO mercury readings,interesting visual guide 2 temperatures.

Also app displays accurate digital readings both, need guess where liquid.

Downloadday:roidolsst smartols availablest all,'s free.



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