Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.7

Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.7 1.5 up phone's apps,n't killm ! Stop killingr apps randomly. Start monitoringm Watchdog !


Stop killingr apps randomly. Start monitoringm Watchdog.Youn't needtask needway make surebackground appesn't lose control eat upyour CPU. Watchdog monitorsr apps alerts whene loses control, allowing kill just that single app. Killing apps blindly causem stop working designed, app developers won't even takebug reportyou usingtask killer!

Fromroid 2.2, kill command worksly background apps,y likely restart immediately. Watchdog removes app immediately list, sinceren't feedback about wher successful. Having lots apps runningesn't hurtr phone atunlessy ingmething. fact, killingapp having immediately restart consumesr phones just leave apps running,y start immediately when want go back.

paid version features lite, removing ads,adding“blacklist” feature. allows picksingle app that constantly misbehavingsignCPU % threshold. When that app exceeds threshold, automatically killed.

So stop blindly killingyour apps; smart managingmstead. Goodversionsroid.

Pleasee that due nature app, hard decide aboutrefundin 15 minutes. contact us Google Checkout via emailin 48 hoursfull refund.

NOTE:reAndroidsue where Watchdog might crash upon launching afterupgrade. seems related upgrade app old version happens executing background.esn't affectr phone's operation at all.this happens, re-launch goto menu hit restart proper monitoring.

What's New

(Updated February 5, 2012)

Fixed single alert option.

Fixed translation where Estonian showing upphone set English.

Collection fixes crashes reported users

Last majupdate 1.5 users. app remain available,new UI features require 1.6 above.


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