Xtreme Soaring 3D v1.5

Xtremearing 3D v1.5

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blackmartapk.blogspot.com: Have ever dreamedaring sky likebird, circlinginvisiblermal staying aloft justr skillsces natures?

alreadyglider pilot who looking funsyou're flying?

Welcome XtremeSoaring3D,estaring/flight simulation available mobile s.

XtremeSoaring3D manages captureauty, excitement technologyaring sport.

In XtremeSoaring3D, cockpit highly simulated ultra-realistic 3D cockpit, full function dash-board, realisticund effectsmoving parts.

Flight characteristics also highly accurate thanks Blade elementory. Wings breakingwnto several small partsn determinedces eachse small elements.seces ntegrated along entire wingder obtainces moments produced entire wing. resultshighly dynamic, accurate flight model each specified aircraft wing-flex simulated.toger sim put human pilottohighly immersive flying environment.

rmal lift ridge-lift also highly simulated could visualized flight.

Beside flying,autyaring sport also landscapes, countrysides that we glide over.refore, we managetegrate terrain data sim using high resolution satellite images elevation. resultedlook real,autiful landscapes highly detail airport hangars runways.


* Multiplayer overternet.

* DG-808S high performance glider full function cockpit. Comingon LS-8.

* 360 degrees look around cockpit, multi-touch zoom.

* Realistic terrain high resolution satellite images, detail airport: Zeltweg, Autria - Santiago, Chile.

* Realistic flight characteristic, accurate performance, wing-flex.

* Realistic flightstruments,tal Energy Compensated variometer.

* Winch launch take-off.

*rmal-lift, ridge-lift simulation.

*line competition.

What's New

*position control calibration

* Support landscape left/rightientation

* Add LS-8 glider

* Add Omarama, NewZealand location

* Add yaw string

* Improve multiplayer network performance

* Improve graphic performance

* Fix chat bugroid

* Auto disable screenlockroid

* Support metricstrument LS-8

* Allow closer zoom zoom wing view

* Exit game buttonroid



Downloadstructions: thanks muzhiwan





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