Osmos HD v2.0.3

Osmos HD v2.0.3

blackmartapk.blogspot.com:roid version 2.1 higher, supports App2SD

blackmartapk.blogspot.com: Absorb, absorbed...

hit iOS game comesroid! Enter Darwinian worldgalactic mote. survive, absorb smallerganisms grow—butw larger predators! Winner multiple "Game Year" awards, Osmos features unique physics-based play, stellar graphics,hypnoticundtrack ambient electronica. Ready evolve?


- single version optimized both tablets phones. Enjoyrroid s. (Requires multitouch 2.2 higher. fo, please visit http://www.hemispheregames.com/faq-a.../#tech_s)

- Multitouch awesomeness: pinch zoom, tap eject mass, flick warp time...

- Unique physics-based gameplay: propelrself must eject matter hind, causing shrink. fundamental balance, Osmos leads player through ambient playgrounds, deeplar systems, competitive petri dishes, dense mote-fields,.

- Two game modes: Odyssey Arcade. Odyssey mode27-level guidedur through Osmos Blobiverse,Arcade mode allows play any level type atr choice difficulty. (72 levelstal.)

- Dynamic time-warping: slowwn flow time outmaneuver agile opponents; speed up raise challenge

- Eight Distinct level types: Ambient, Antimatter,lar, Sentient, Impasse, Warped Chaos, Epicycles, Repulsor.

- Sublime electronicundtrack Loscil, Gas/High Skies, Julien Neto, Biosphere,.

- Windr way through simple complexlar systems, feeling usingce Attractors Repulsors.

- Confront four distinct personalitiestelligent opponents, goals abilities similarr own.

- Procedural content: play random versions any level Arcade mode.

- Thirteen lucky achievements earn.


- winner multiple "Game Year" "Editor's Choice" awards,cluding Wired, Apple, IGN, 148Apps,.

-minated 4 IGF awards winner "Vision" award.

- Winner "Best Show" "Fun/Compelling" atdieCade.

- Selected PAX 10.


4/4, Must Have - “We than overwhelmed Osmos... game design thoughtfultuitive, new level structures flawless, visuals stunning yet simplistic... just won’t find anor experience quite like.” -Slide Play

5/5 stars - Macworld Editor’s Choice - “Onest games we’ve played far year. utterly serene, yet fiendishly complicated game...”

“Osmosmust-play...” -MTV Multiplayer

5/5 stars - “Osmosabsolute must that change way think games, what expectm.” -AppAdvice

“Brilliantly clever” -Co Design

Happy Osmoting!

What's New

Change Log v.2.0.3

- Fixed multiplayersue ("Blobiverse desynced")roid 4.3

- Fixed local multiplayersueme HTC s (new permission required)

- Fixestter messaging multiplayer disconnection edge cases

- New icon!

- you experiencingund distortion OsmosSamsung Galaxy S3, please turnf Auto Hapticund settingsr .



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