Ios7 Flat (APEX NOVA GO THEME) v1.1.3

Ios7 Flat (APEXVA GOME) v1.1.3 2.2 up Try ios7 icons Minimal Style ….

Tired trying traditional ios7 iconmes ? heremethingtally Refreshing minimalistr . Whichtally lightr eyesr . Fully packed features thatne any or ios7fersdedicated appme chooser wallpaper picker .

Features ꜜ

▪ Over 1000 appsmed (More added Regularly)

▪ Dedicated App applyme change wallpaper (Can accessed App Drawer)

▪ Multi Launcher support ( APEX,VA, GO, ADW, ACTION PRO, HOLO ,LO ,ATOMmore)

▪ 7 HQ wallpapers (can applied app)

▪ Ios7 Flat Clock UCCW skin ( See Descriptionlow How apply)

▪medck (apex go supported)

▪ Weekly monthly icon updates

If anyone facingsue go launcher ex please contact me at , i send guys fix .

Featuresbuilt app :

▪Applymein app (supported :va , apex, adw, action launchers , go launcher) (more comingon)

▪Wallpaper picker - Choose 5 available ios walls

▪Contact me

▪Request icons




You always contact me here :



Special thanks1dynasty Dcikonzirme templates.

Withoutir templates might possible me addimportant features.

Thank guys


Steps Applyingme manually :

Holo Launcher:

Appearance Settings >Icon pack > Ios7 Flat

Atom Launcher:

Launcher settings >me > Ios7 Flat > Useme

How Use UCCW skin


Beforewnloading skin, make sure UCCW 2.1.2 higher alreadystalledr :

I recommand uselauncher like Apex ,va, provides flexibility resizing widgets have overlay widgets option.

How add widget HS

-Long press home screen > Widgets > UCCW 2x2 > Ios7 Flat Clock

-Long press > Resize fit accordingr screen size

Icon request added here :

have any questions/comments any requests atemail me at I promiser questions answered requests filled. Remember that everyone uses same apps,youwnloadofr icons medyyou email me. I fill requests quickly.


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