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SparkChess v6.4.6 2.2+
Overview: Ready, Set, Move
With SparkChess,re no layers menus navigate settings check - -it'srightree screen. Choose black white pieces, pick three opponents varying skill levels (beginner Cody, clever Claire, masterful Boris), start playing.

Stuck? Getlittle help

gameterface extremelytuitive. Touch piece wish move, spaces where playedstantly light up board. Touch space want move piece changer mind,'s easy switchdifferent piece undor move. All moves recorded upper-right box captured pieces show up under player's name atp.

Learn Play

use learn game improver skills. Tap Help Me Move, app shows optimal move. Hit Analyse rendercolor-coded view board thatdicates which side control what squs. Select Show Visual Aidsoverlay that shows which squs safe move which n't.

stant Delayed Replay

Want go back see how got point? Replay function allows go back far like game (even start),n hit Play button recreate action. also tap Undo Move much want back up trydifferent strategy. Finally, if'd like set up boardparticular way playre, just tap Edit Board adjust pieces. Don't worry--your computer opponent won't complain.

Anor helpful feature ability "freeze"r game at any point saving,n continue end up losing ("Arggggh!"), pull saved game archives replay that point. Overwritesaved game addadditional saved game at any time. Or just start overwngrade Boris Cody, whatever worksst.

Challenger friends

you feel confident chess, testr skills against or human players. SparkChessvery quicktuitiveline multiplayer mode. signup required - just connect, chooseopponentrst. Leaderboards updated hourly.

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