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The Big Bangory Quiz v1.3 1.6+
Overview: Quiz created basiscomedy series CBS station entitled Big Bangory. Questions various level difficulty enable completer knowledge series provide entertainment. Checkr knowledge Big Bangory!

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• More than 260 questions!
• 3 game modes - Classic, Sudden Death, Time Challenge!
• Points depending time amount correct answers - whicher friends get biggest amount points?
• Plenty configuration options!
• "Submit question" option - sendquestions, that after moderation, may appear game!
• Possibility chooseseason - Even if up date series,problem!
• Two language versions: Polish English!
• Completely free game!
• And much...

Game modes:
• Classic mode, user answers 15 questions connected series. time answer every question limited. user granted pointscorrect answer. amount obtained pointsfluenced time answer level difficulty chosen options.
• Sudden Death mode, user answers 30 questions,in casecorrect answer, he/she loses. time answer every question limited if exceeded, game over. user receives points every correct answer. amount received points depends time answer chosen level difficulty.
• Time Challenge, user answers 30 questions.tal time answer ALL questions limited (correct answer addsme additional time), if exceeded, game over.correct answeres stop game.

The application unofficial. Big Bangoryproperty CBS.

New version 1.3:
- Added new game mode: "Time challenge" (moreformation app description)
- Added"Submit question" option Options Menus
- Added new ads (new permissions, activatedly if user accepts Privacy Policy & Adevertising Terms!)
- Better layout adjustment tablets
- Added 40 new questions

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