Flipster Pro for Facebook v1.505

Flipster Pro Facebook v1.505

blackmartapk.blogspot.com: 2.2 up

blackmartapk.blogspot.com: FlipsterFacebook client,fering full access important featuresfical Facebook app, just faster easier use.

It's free, simple & fun!


»tuitiveuch navigation

» Postr friends walls updater own status

» Post images, checkin linksr wall

» Shr friends posts images

» Comment like postingsr friends

» Browser newsstream

» Check outr friends profiles/galleries/wall

»autiful high res image gallery

» Facebookifications that everywhere accessible via dropdown menu

» Send receive private messagesin app

» Supports Facebook groups

»cludesbirthday calendar

» Check upcoming/past events Flipsters event calendar

» RSVP events

» See RSVPs or users events


» Facebook Chat

» Ad free

Facebook Permissions:

Flipster ks give multiple Facebook permissionsder function correctly. Those permissions ly used show friends profiles, images, newsstream.

Noformation stored transferred anywhereonr own . We stronglylieve that users should have full control overir data Flipster follows principle.


encounter any problems Flipster, have any feature suggestions/wishes, please contact me via email at support@flipster-app.com


missing translationsr language, help suggestingtranslation via Crowdin

Link: http://crowdin.net/project/flipster-for-facebook/

What's New

Changed application icon

Added 3 new fonts

Changed way images loaded cached,reby reducing memory disk usage improving performance

Added new pull refresh animation

Slight changes use colorsmes readable

Changedmat dates use defaultmatr country

Updated translations added supportnew language: Danish

Solved bug which caused wrong comment deleted

Solvedsue curspositioning keyboard



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