Windows Phone Notifications + v5.3

Windows Phoneifications + v5.3 2.1 up WPifications displaysr 'sifications likeWP phone.

service :

* work properly, WPifications requires that activate accessibility service "WPifications" (accessibility services currentlyly way process userificationsroid OS).

*n have use "Monitoring" section choose which apps should raiseifications, how.

* Status barifications must enabled monitored apps banners appear properly.

How use :

* Clickification launch

* Swipe right dismiss

* Swipe left clearupcomingifications same app/contact

Importantformation :

* e that dismissingification won’t remove status bar (roid OSesn’t currently allow manually remove 3rd party appsifications status bar).

*you usecustom lockscreen app MagicLocker WidgetLocker,you use stockroid 4 ICS lockscreen, banners show abover lockscreen.

* default,ifications enabled SMS, MMS, missed calls, GMail, Talk, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype,...

* WPificationsify evenyou'refullscreen app

Plus version :

* setdividual parameters each app

* setcustom ringtone each app

* choose colfification

* choose text colfification

* disableifications duringcall

* choose action whenleft right swipe banner

* disable clicks

* hide icon

* set custom vibration patterns

* displayshadowlow (above) banner

* set quiet hours

* use reminders

* use privacy options

* display contact picture any app (experimental)

What's version:

4.6 :

- Fixedroid 4.1 Jellyan compatibilitysues

- Improved UI

-w set reminders each app

-w display timeification

-w disableifications duringcall

- New screenfly mode : Displays bannersly when screen locked

-w set banner alpha

-w setification ringtone each app (and reminders)

- Numerous bug fixes

- Numerous new exciting features, check out !

What's version : (Updated : Jun 3, 2013)

New design

Improved accent list

Fixed GoSMS/ChompSMS compatibility

Bug fixes



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