SmartSMS v2.1.4

SmartSMS v2.1.4 2.2 up Welcome SmartSMS, next generation SMS app: fast, lightweight smart!


SmartSMS following features:

- complete support SMS: reading/writing, sending, receiving

- partial support MMS (reading/deleting/locking)

- conversation list grouped contacts (with multiple addresses) message list bubbles style simple style

- pictures contact address book, number received/sent/unread messages, draft smart date last message (e.g., 'yesterday' stead full date)

- compact messages arrived short time, smartdering (never have messed up messages like or apps!)

- complete customizableifications:und, vibration, LED color, icon,ificationsdividual address reminders

- expandable status barifications (JellyBean) contact pictures actions (mark read, delete, call), privacy modely sender completely anonymous

- niceification popup supporting multiple messages quick reply, delete, close, view, call text-to-speech

- nice UImes possibility fully customize colors sizes animation sent/received/deleted messages conversations each address

- automatically re-send messages error

- fasttegrated backup/restore messages SD ( fastest Google Play! Backup just 3000 messages less than three seconds [on HTC Desire])

- batch delete/quick actions menu long press conversation message

- different emoticonmes Emoji* IOS6 support also popup!

- big editflong messages compose activity long press search key

- privacy hiddenbox privacyifications black list unwanted senders

- widget last unread message

- (PRO) app locker password

- (PRO) widget fast lock/unlock

*) Emoji needwnload SmartSMS Emoji plugin

Free version adsder support development.

PRO version following additional features:

- ads!

- features released earlier

- 7 freemes!

- app lock password

- unlimited black list senders (2 Free version)

- unlimited backups (3 Free version)

- unlimited privacybox address (1 Free version)

- global privacy (makenotifications private until disabled)

have suggestions, requests, want report bugs please use links app, I myst make happy! :-)

To give feedback, suggestions,k bug fixing, please drop meemail

NOTE:forestalling Pro version please remove Freee since ynot runger same phone errors may appear

This app send crash report helping us improve app fix bugs.ifiedfore submitting any data.

haveme problems upgrade please uninstall reinstall

receiveubleifications haveuble messages uninstall GOSMS Handcent that causesue

still receive errors crashes may haveincompatible

IMPORTANT: SMS APIs roid standardme manufacturer may have receive errors rooted please contact me send meformation that help me handle r correctly



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