Popup Notifier Plus v6.0

Popupifier Plus v6.0

blackmartapk.blogspot.com:roid 2.1 up

blackmartapk.blogspot.com: Popupifier displaysr 'sifications popup alerts.

With Popupifier greatly improve wayr displaysifications.

--== SUPPORT ==--

Fmoreformationdetailled FAQ, go http://www.productigeeky.com

have any question suggestion, please usefeedback page here : https://getsatisfaction.com/productigeeky.

--== SERVICE ==--

To work properly, Popupifier requires that activate accessibility service "Popup" (accessibility services currently ly way process userificationsroid systems).

Youn have use "Monitoring" preference choose which apps should raiseifications.

Status barifications must enabled monitored apps alerts appear properly.

--== HOW USE ==--

Once have activated service configured app,rifications show popup alerts, 2 buttons :

- View : launchesification (has same effect clickingification status bar)

- Close : dismisses currentification shows nexte ( closes popupre orification show)

Note that clicking « Close » removeification(s) status bar (roid systemesn’t allow manually remove ifications status bar).


With full version Popupifier :

- have access 3 exclusivemes : Senseme, Silverme, Whiteme

- hide app icon popup

- choose display popuply whenr screenf

- choose timeout screen when popup shows up screenf.you choose « Stay », screen stay until dismiss popup (Useful users phoneout ification LED Galaxy S, Galaxy SII, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, …).

- choose dim screen when popup shows up screenf

- choose action "Close" button

- use custom vibration patterns

- use privacy options

- use reminders

- set quiet hours


To receiveificationsapp, check "Monitoring" section preferences.

Here me examples apps configure work Popupifier :

- Google Voice

- Viber

- Trillian

- Handsent SMS


- Facebook Messenger

- K9 Mail / Kaiten Mail

- Metro Messagingta

- ChompSMS

- MessengerYou

- eBuddy

What's version:

- New design

- Bug fixes



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