No Gravity v1.9.4.5

No Gravity v1.9.4.5 2.2 up brave enough play Gravity?


brave enough play Gravity?’ll need steady nerves strong heart fly around dangerous obstacles, face hostile environments use deadly weapons accomplishr missions protectr people. Hurry,wnloadroid s version PSP favorite,

before’so late.

"No GravityiOS port PSP space combat game. Full action impressive visual appeal, Gravity really rocks those us taste full-featured arcade titles. Also, 31 missions hours content,’t really argue abnormal pricing model."


Highest quality gameroid....developer updates....


by StarGateWorldc

Best space shooterroid.


by Jivemaster

Indistant future, spread across thousands colonies, empire under attackmysterious, unknown sickness that affecting people’s minds. far,’veen able remain healthyyoun’t know how much longer.

Ase few survivorswildering plague,’s up seek out destroy enemy that unleashed n’t,re remains hoper planetr people. prepd tackle 31 missions destroy heinous foe?

Thisjob wimps.

No Gravity fast-paced full action.’ll need drawr deepest level calm bravado succeedse dangerous missions.

When’re ready, chooser charactere six

customizable ships. Eache equippedimpressive array weapons,’ll have plentyols at hand job. Wher need lasers ion blasters, everythingre help win war againstr hostile enemy.

Oncer ship,’ll fly through space, skimming over

six different worlds, moving along underground craters through massiveteroids fields. need keepr wits about’s game overfore’ve accomplishedr mission.

You’re alone outre, though. Allied ships

accompany through hostile space stations, help destroy enemy bases clear mine fields. mysteries surrounding space unfold, prepd unleashr firepower anything that gets r way. must unstoppableder saver people.

It’shard work. Along way,’ll have plenty massive explosions,assortment ships weapons, 2 difficulty modes even taker missions third person views.

Did wellr mission? Great,w reap rewards success. Go ahead unlockr Achievements section grabr bonus new ship paint, artworkmething else that strikesr fancy.

Havelook atme features get whenwnload Gravity:

•credible, fast-paced,n-stop action,

•roid s version PSP Playstation favorite,

• Full frame rate,

• Massive explosions damages,

• Play third person view

• Select 5 characters 5 space ships,

• Each ship available 4 different colors,

• Choose 6 different, awesome weapons,

• 31 mission levels play,

• 2 difficulty modes testr skills,

• Reward system achievements unlock

• High definition, 3D engine optimizedroid s NVIDIA® Tegra™ , PowerVR®, Adreno®.

• Ultra detailed rendering mode,cluding bloom post process.

• Multitouch accelerometer control,

• Support iCade, Xperia PLAY, Zeemote ZS1,

still here? Hurry upwnload Gravityw!r peopler destiny await.

See App action here: list approved s.

Gameplay footage:

<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

Note:reissuealian phones. Please switch English System Settings.sue fixed next update.

What's version:

In update:

* Address random crash Galaxy Samsung S2 S3 (2nd tentative fix)eek.

* Support MOGA Pocket MOGA Pro.

* Address lags Nexus 10 s.

* Updated audio engine

* Ability play landscape reversed landscape



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