HaxSync for Facebook v2.7.0

HaxSync Facebook v2.7.0

blackmartapk.blogspot.com:roid 4.0+

blackmartapk.blogspot.com: Tired Facebook getting attention deservesroid? HaxSynclution!

It provides perfecttegration Facebook datarroid .

Here justme examples whates:

• High-resolution contact images synchronized Facebook. (up 720x720 pixels Jellyan!) Uses face-detection get cropping just right.

•uchable (opens Facebook App mobile Facebook site) status updatesroid's "People"-App, complete like- comment count;cluding thumbnails picture postsTube videos.

• Synchronization Facebook Events (including attendee lists!)/birthdaystor 's calendar,cluding (optional) reminders.

Topf, every feature highly configurable disabledunwanted.

Don't like way HaxSync croppeder contact images? Croprself using Contacts Manager.

Wantdifferent colfyour calendars? Feel free change!

HaxSyncing actively developed, new features bugfixes arrivingregular basis.

If have problems/suggestions, please post herestead givingbad rating (I't answerr market ratings, I't help r problem): https://redmine.limun.org/projects/haxs ... t_an_issue

're wondering about permissions HaxSync uses what needsm, takelook here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc ... qalE#gid=0

What's version:

* Fixedpotential cause "invalid response"sue. Should still experience after update, please try uninstalling reinstalling both HaxSync workaround.

* Improved wizardw allows direct access settings.

* Added new option that makes HaxSync default contact image optional.

* Lots smaller bugfixes performance improvements



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