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War Reproduction v2.9.2 mod (Free Shopping)
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Overview: basicstinct spermwards procreationgins!



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The basicstinct spermwards procreationgins!

body length 60㎛
Generation period: 7 days
Target distance: 18cm
Maximum speed: 3mm/min

The smallest cell man…
embarksquest find biggest cell woman

Long journeytravelingdistance 3000 timess body length
Theevitable conflict competition leading up fierce battle

Who bravestmthat come outle survivout 30 million competitors?
The basicstinct spermwards procreationgins!

* characteristics game
1) Simple operation usinguch drag
2) provides diverse strategic situations each regions add depth game.
3) Also,cause much effort putto balance difficulty levels game durings development, users surely find addictive.
4) upgrade sperm using broccolis obtainplaying game,
5) bound have fun eliminating estrogen (female hormone) thatterferes sperm production.

* Background Game
The competitive environment procreation made spermcome terribly aggressive over years.
Accordingstudy, when sperm anor male added semen, over 50% attacked killedin 15 minutes.
Mixing sperms different males causeme sperms createnet-like structure prevent or sperms movingward.
If that enough,y even launchbrutal attackir opponents piercing holesir bodies using acrosomal enzymes.

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