AutoReader 3D v2.2.0

AutoReader 3D v2.2.0 2.2+ Turn readingtouseful fascinating process, that reduces eye strain.

This just anor text reader.

This just anor text reader.

Our text reader several unique features:

- Reader mode flashes words phrasesee sequentially screen, regulated speed.

- 3D Stereo mode read 3D effect any ,out .

- overview mode scroll flip pages same time.

- support pinch, spread rotate gestures change text size screenientation any time need.

se features allows turn readingtouseful fascinating process, reduce eye strain.

AutoReader allows read much larger text, what's importantly people impaired vision.

But also, example, transport, go, running machine, . when focusingsmall text tiring eyes impossible.

Moreover, 3D Stereo mode evenneficial eyes,done right, visual axis

parallel (as when looking at horizon), which relaxes external eye muscles, focus stereo pair,

that helps synchronize focus both eyes, which also useful, 'stene eye focusestter than or (we unaw ,feel tired).

Learn how view stereograms:

Readnefitr eyes!that's all, AutoReader allows read faster than usual.

AutoReadercreases speed reading helps get rid subvocalization,e main factors slowingwn reading process. Subvocalization - hidden, unconscious movement lips,ngue organs speech.

habit pronounce wordsmed childhood, when learning read,es disappear completely,out any special training.

Try graduallycrease speed displaying words (slider finger up screen), growth speed vocal apparatus longer keep up volumeformation longervolved processing -formation visual analyzer immediately sent meaning.

feel cool,you just catch author's idea,speech.

You realize that read much fasterout much effort.

List features:

- Built-in browser.

- Supportedmats. Txt,, Fb2,, Epub, (PDF,C ors commingon).

- Automatic detection encoding.

- Smooth scrolling text (finger up /wn).

- Flipping through pages (finger left / right).

- Gorandom page number.

- Change text size "on fly" (zoom two fingers).

- Rotate screen at any time any mode (tap screen two fingers rotate 90 degrees).

-uble click go anor mode (from mode Reader, mono 3D Stereo mode vice versa).

-finitely variable speed text Reader (finger up /wn screen).

- View move previous next sentence Reader mode (finger left / right screen).

- Settings font, text coland background color.

- Select over 20 background images Reader.

- Built-in help gestures 3D Stereo mode.

- Quick feedback developers (us).

'll geterror, pleasen't leave bad comment right away. Leave uschance fix, send errreport (you'll see that option) r comments. We trying hard make work every .

Please sendr suggestions here:

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What's version:

v 2.2.0 - option hide PDF thumb, using volume buttons turn pages change speed reader mode



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