Plasma Sky - rad space shooter v2.8.3

Plasma Sky - rad space shooter v2.8.3 1.5+ Plasma Skyshiny new space shoot-em-up featuring 80 levels, lots power-ups, multiple game modes.


It's universal,re app purchases.

It's fun!

're skeptical, I lot space shooters store.

Thise's good though!

re's lots kinds enemy ships, snakes,r ship powers up get different kinds'sregular shield, alsospike shield that lets ram es! re's lasers! getwing-man who power upo! r wing-man get lasers! levels different!re's or stuff! bly costs anything!

Look, need anor game keep company bus,r dinner companion away, when'vene enough need break. needgood game when'd orwise just staring vacantly outwindow.. that game. game 'll get make that time awesome.

What's version:

New 2.8

- Google Play Games global leaderboards achievements. Log compete againstr friends!

(Requiresroid 3.2, HONEYCOMB_MR2t)



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