PerfectShot Unlimited v1.7.4

PerfectShot Unlimited v1.7.4 2.2 up PerfectShotcamera application that focus features that help improver photosFOREy taken rar than after.cause know evenst photoshoping techniques't saveblurry wrongly exposured picture.

By providing advancedsistances, PerfectShot helps eliminate chances imperfect shots improver efficiency able taketter shots havetter chance capturing precious moments.

main featuresclude:

* Full auto mode that detect vibration phone automatically choose perfect moment take need composen holdr phone still. removed need uching screen button when takepicture whichcreased chance camera shake, released using both hands. enjoy blur-free shots single hand operation!re also or modes like manual timerr convenience.

*st virtual horizonsistance market! addition horizon line, also gives 3D guide lines that tells roll pitch positioningr phone. Say goodbye tilted photos!

* ARsisted focus & metering a selection! a select stays object updateself after re-compose picture! (Works supported ICS slycausephones support focus metering selection)

* Extreme optimisation provide fast startup time that par ICS native camera app, wellminimum footprint. ready shoot faster. also seamlesslytegratedtoroid system that set take over system camera start lock screen. also access photos taken PerfectShot system gallery shm whatever way want.

*novative UI design that helps changer setting fast accurately.

*euch focus & metering a selection.

What's version:


* Bug fixes



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