Lane Splitter v4.0.3 [Universal]

Lane Splitter v4.0.3 [Universal]

Compatible iPhone, iPoduch, iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 later. app optimized iPhone 5.

Description " graphics bright appealing, controls dead-on...Most importantly,ce start playing,’s hard stop." -

Rider motorcycle atsane speeds through ever changing traffic.r reflexes mean differencetween surviving crashing spectacular fashion. have what takes reachP SPEED?

Over 12 million players have experienced thrill Lane Splitter!


• Tiltr phone/tablet steer left right

• Stay away cars, walls, cops

•uch screen wheelie perform or special abilities

• Pick up coins earn money awesomeems

• Hang dear life!


✰ Crazy addictive gameplay ultra smooth tilt controls

✰ 10 different characters play, eachir own unique abilities gameplay

✰ Fun upgradesems earn

✰ Eye popping high definition 3D graphics

✰ Environments that change every day play

✰ Lifelike character animations physics

✰ Global leaderboards

✰ Facebooktegration: competer friendsp score post bragsr wall

✰ Awesome realisticund effects recorded real motorcycles,cludingsport bike, chopper, dirt bike,cafe racer!


➔ Pick up "Lane Splitter" bonuses navigatingr waytween cars during heavy traffic as

➔ Competest wheelie score holding screen wheelieplaying Jake, Jonny, Scary Harry

➔a copr tail, get 500ft away evade him, buymenuts bribe him

➔ Buyhelmet protectrselfe crash

What's New Version 4.0.3 4.0.3 update containsme important bug fixes. Read about new 4.0 featureslow!


Lane Splitter 4.0 here!

Thismajupdatens new features,cluding:

✰ New character Krypton. use powers good evil?

✰ Boostems. UseMini Boost giver bike rocket speed vincibility 10 seconds, buyMega Boost which lasts whopping 25 seconds!

✰ Four unique new upgrades:

• Special Coins - Unlock higher value red blue coins.

• Magnet - Unlockmagnet pickup upgrade.

• Swagger - Picking up coins give points, up 20 per coin.

• Luck - Giverselfchance survivecrashouthelmet!

✰ns or improvementso numerous list here.

This quite possiblyst Lane Splitter update ever, have fun.


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