Finger Ninjas: Zombie Strike Force v1.16

Finger Ninjas: Zombie Strikece v1.16 2.3 up When country over-run terrifying zombies, Shinji seeks help elusive "Finger Ninjas" send flesh-eating hordes backir graves. action-packed Adventure / RPG, slash zombies, get combo kills unleash deadly shuriken defeat attacking zombie nemesis.

★★★st Apps Award Winner ★★★

Explore each level find power-ups hiddenems that helpr quest. Slash zombies special attacks, shootmr shuriken. Get coins gold killing zombies finishing levels. Spendr money store purchase food, weapons, power upsr ninja.

Unlock Geisha Helpers aidr ninjay progress through levels. Watch Attack Geisha, Bomb Geisha, Decoy Geisha confuse destroy attacking zombies.

Each level features unique zombie attackersghastly Boss that keepr ninjaires. 3 difficulty levels 5 different ninja warriors choose,re's endless addictive gameplay "Finger Ninjas: Zombie Strike-Force".

More than just great game-play, Finger Ninjas featurescredible graphics, lush 3D landscapes,100%iginalundtrack that evolves game. Finger Ninjas looksunds good plays - that's AMAZING!!

Download Finger Ninjas FREE, get ready slay ...


- Improved app purchase

- Game rebalancermal Difficulty

- Lots extra GOLD added game!

- Upgrading Ninjas & purchasing extras easier than ever


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