EVA - Virtual Assistant v2.96

EVA - Virtualsistant v2.96

blackmartapk.blogspot.com: 2.2+

blackmartapk.blogspot.com: EVAmust have appyou want use voice creaser productivity.'s like Siriwithtruly useful functions wonder whyesn't come standard roid.

It cludesdedicated Car Mode that extremely usefulyou want user phonedriving.e application that makes r smart phone much smarter.cludespowerful Profiles feature that allows change loads settingsr phone estant by changing Profile.re over 20 videos myTube channel (linklow) that walk though everypect application. Take advantage free 28 day trialnot possibly tryfew hours let aloneweek. Read reviews see what or people sayingyou like please tellr family, friends co-workers. Thanks, Peter.

free 28 day trial version available links page. same functions. Uninstall free version prito stallinge.r settings retained. EVA same AVX justdifferent look.

NOTE:you have any problems please email me (linklow, I n't bite). tingr time leavingapp review cause Google providedway me contact.

Who should use EVA?you lookingapplication that provides hands-free operationr phonen EVA right.you just lookingelectronic friend chatn please go e Siri clones. or handyou wantreal virtual sistant that extremely useful functions that make r life easiern please give EVAtry.

EVA functions'd expectrsistant perform plus me that probably never knew were possible. Herelistme functions that wont find competition:

★ Reading replyingcoming text (including Google Voice) email (including Microsoft Exchange)

★ Reading replyingcomingstant messages via Google Talk

★tegration Evernote

★tegration Tasker

★ Home AutomationSTEON. Turn lights appliances, open garageandwhole lot,with voice commands scheduled basedr location.

★ Time based reminders. Remindmethingday/time.

★ Location based reminders. Remindmething basedr location.

★ Location based actions. Perform any function that EVA based r current location. Have EVA automatically textr wife when leavefice.

★ Time based actions. Perform any function that EVAset day time

★-Car modecluding wake up phrase fully customizable function buttons

★ Custom voice shortcutsr phone applications. Giver apps any name want openm using that name.

★ Voice bookmarksr favorite web sites.

★ Activate just shakingr phone

★ WorksBluetooth Headsets-Car Bluetooth s

★ Read write NFC tags compatible s

★ Remote controlr phone over Google Talk

★oor features list

F fullline manual please go:


If have tried Vlingo, Speaktoit, Jeannie, Skyvi Iris want mething thates everythingy pluslot n give EVAtry.


prefermalesistant please choose EVANstead.

If n't already havethird party text speech voice that replaces default Pico voicer phone I recommend SVOX Classic.Download Free SVOX Classic demo voices.

EVA Englishly. Please n't me 1 star ratings havingr language. I ame person working. Or languages possible at time!

What's version : (Updated : May 26, 2013)

Resolvedsue long voice messages failing well made several or mintweaks



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