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Survival Race v1.0 2.3+
Overview:. Humankind’s last fight! Andesn’t come simple-packaged. Race against time, outsmart path options, challenger driving skills slaughter flesh eating monsters. world puts last ultimatumr hands: Life Power Plants? decide.

✓ Awesome graphics challenging gameplay
✓ 3D Physics-based racing: action gameplay 4 vehicles 64 exciting tracks!
✓ Perform side wheelies avoid obstacles traps!
✓ Perform stunts flips!
✓ 4 Exciting Region Environments: Jungle, Desert, Ice Sky!
✓ Shoot Carnivorous plants awesome weapons!
✓ Single player fun: Unlock tracksating different challenges
✓ Claimp spot: Global Friends Leader Boards let gamers compete against each or
✓ Fully optimized: blazing fast load times,stant restarts
✓ Upgrader vehicle customizer paintr country's flag!


After continuous attempts wereing made protection human life climate change environmental destruction,omsdayories were rise.

The modification plants physiologycamedesperate measure -last resort saving what’s left world, we know. co-habitationtween man plant suddenlycamething pastce-upon-a-time life enablers turnedto flesh-eating Power Plants.

With millions human lives taken away after several failed rescue missions;unlikely dual combination heroes rose up challenge. Abu Ahmad, 60-year old botanical scientist who successfully cracked Power Plants’ DNA 30-year old Saudi all-star wheelie car race champion Salem.

Their mission secure Humankind’s existence livingconstructed reserve under protection APTA, Anti-Power Plants Terrorism Agency. With time obstacles, road challenges merciless enemies loose, Life Power Plants world’s new ultimatum.

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